• 1. Fill out the form B.C. Nr. 158-Anexo 559 "AUTORIZACION LEGAL PARA INTRODUCCION DE ARMAS Y MUNICIONES" in triplicate.
  • 2. Provide three (3) light background 1 ½ X 1 ½ studio quality photos.
  • 3. Provide three (3) photocopies of a valid passport.
  • 4. Provide proof of gun ownership (three copies) through either:
    • Gun registration or
    • Invoice through which gun was purchased (with serial numbers) or
    • Copy of Customs Form 4457 (122084) "CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION FOR PERSONAL EFFECTS TAKEN ABROAD" duly filled out.
  • 5. Provide copy of hunting license ID card or hunting association membership card.
  • 6. Provide weapon information (make, gauge, model and serial number).
  • 7. State arrival date and port/airport/border entry point, place of stay in Argentina and departure date and port/airport/border exit point.
  • 8. A money order in the amount of fourty dollars (U$S 40.00) made payable to "Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de la República Argentina" or "Consulate of Argentina in Miami". If you are processing the forms by mail, please include a pre-paid return envelope.
  • 9. Sign the information form provided by this Consulate

Upon arrival to Argentina, the interested party shall have duly filled out in triplicate the RENAR technical form "Autorización Temporaria de Ingreso y Egreso de Armas a la República Argentina". This form covers up to three firearms each and must be presented by the interested party at the point of arrival before the Air Force Police, Naval Police or Border Police. A fee of thirty dollars (U$S 30.00) will be collected. In order to download the form from the Internet please access "" and follow the directions.

All entered guns must be removed from Argentina upon departure.